From Fuel-Driven to Data-Driven

26 January 2022

Modernizing Software in the Automotive, Manufacturing & Machinery Industries

 Join this virtual event featuring multiple sessions on the industry’s software modernization. Highlights include a panel discussion with speakers from Couchbase, Red Hat, AWS, Techstrong and CloudBees, and a keynote session by former land speed world record holder Richard Noble.

Car manufacturers see their role changing to become mobility service providers. This shift of the business model will change how the industry communicates with customers, focusing more on direct sales than a retailer network. Customers will more easily and quickly change their mobility provider, changing their role to be no more a car owner but a mobility consumer. This means a greater reliance than ever before on software that creates flawless, enjoyable user experiences. We are also seeing these changes reflected in the manufacturing and machinery industries. 

Join this session to see how you can begin modernizing your software toolchain to make sure your organization is ready for the changes in what your software can do for you. From databases to DevOps, this session will cover your full toolchain. 

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Hear from Former Land-Speed Record Holder Richard Noble

* One attendee will win a pair of Apple AirPods Pro in our raffle

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Richard Noble Keynote

Couchbase innovation talk

Partner discussion

Panel - the future of automotive data

Oscar Medina

Senior Cloud Architect


Alexander Schlüter

Solutions Engineer


Richard Noble

Former Land-Speed Record Holder

The World

Scott Fallen

Senior Solutions Engineer


Andreas Dharmawan

Area VP - Business Ops


 At this virtual event, you’ll learn how OEMs can innovate faster and deliver incredible performance at scale using NoSQL.

Topics will include: 

-  Mobility-as-a-Service

-  Connected cars

-  Digital customer experiences

-  E-mobility

-  Sharing vs. owning

-  Meshed mobility

What we're covering:

Mitch Ashley


Techstrong Group

Jeffery Osier-Mixon

Senior Principal Architect