Legacy Modernization Guide

Relational databases like Oracle are expensive relics of an antiquated past. The time to modernize via NoSQL architectures is now, but making the move can be intimidating. 

Couchbase simplifies the process, fusing the structure of the legacy/relational world with the flexibility and scale of NoSQL. This modernization guide provides a clear overview of your options.

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What's in the guide?

- Moving from Relational to NoSQL: How to Get Started

- Truth In IT webinar about how to migrate from relational databases to NoSQL

- Moving from SQL Server to Couchbase Demo

- Roundtable Discussion With Red Hat & Infosys on Mainframe Offload Strategies

- A JSON Data Modeling Guide

- Hands-On Migration from Relational to Collections

- How to Use Couchbase’s N1QL Query Language to Migrate Oracle Data into Couchbase

- SQL and NoSQL Comparison: ASP.NET Application

- Meeting the new demands of Modern Applications